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PD Dr.Dmitrij Bumazhnov

Academic career

  • Until 06/2019 Principal Investigator in the Collaborative Research Centre 1136, Göttingen University, sub-project: B 04 Scriptural Exegesis and Religious Polemics in Syriac Texts in Late Antiquity
  • Since 2011 research fellow at the Courant Research Center EDRIS, representative of the area "Education and Religion in Oriental Christianity"
  • Since 2008 lecturer for Languages and Cultures of the Christian Orient, Tübingen
  • 2002-2004 lecturer for Ancient Greek, Latin and History of Early Christianity in the Department of Biblical Philology at St. Petersburg University, Russia 
  • 2002 lecturer for History of the Eastern Church and Syrian at the Russian Christian Humanitarian Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Studies in Orthodox Theology and Patristics (St. Petersburg) and Languages and Cultures of the Christian Orient and Church History (Tübingen University)


Academic degrees

  • 2008 habilitation at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences of Tübingen University, habilitation thesis: „Visio mystica im Spannungsfeld der frühchristlichen Überlieferungen. Die Lehre der sogenannten Antoniusbriefe von der Gottes- und Engelschau und das Problem unterschiedlicher spiritueller Traditionen im frühen ägyptischen Mönchtum“


Contact details

PD Dr. Dmitrij Bumazhnov